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The difficult requirements of customers are the propellers of our development!

The factory has an annual output of more than one billion aseptic packaging bags, and can undertake various printing and bag-making businesses at home and abroad. The difficult requirements of customers are the propellers of our development! Welcome to negotiate!


How to choose medical blister packaging?

Choosing a medical blister packaging that is suitable for your medical products is more difficult than choosing a medical blister packaging manufacturer! Because there are various factors to consider. Usually we also design according to the customer's packaging needs, and we will also go through research and demand analysis in the early stage to determine the drawings and mold proofing. So, do you know the main points of the design of the shape and structure of medical blister packaging? When the designer confirms the selection of materials, refer to the physical appearance of the medical device to design a suitable physical appearance. We should consider that the structure of medical blister packaging should be simple and atmospheric, and the structure is relatively simple while ensuring the integrity of the function. At the same time, it should be considered that the wall thickness after molding is uniform, which is easy for medical device manufacturers to heat seal with dialysis paper in the later stage. In addition, the production problems of medical blister packaging manufacturers should be considered, which is easy to form and easy to demold, which is conducive to exhaust, heating, cooling, etc. Try to avoid acute angles and possible problems in the production process, and fully consider the sterilization adaptability. For example, the effective entry and volatilization of EO gas should be fully considered during EO sterilization; we will present a complete 3D physical simulation map to customers. confirm.

The main advantages of blister packaging are revealed!

In production and life, we often see the application of blister packaging. Although many people do not know that it is blister packaging, many people have come into contact with it. The scope of use of blister packaging is very common in daily life.

What are the characteristics of blister packaging for Class I, II and III medical devices?

Compared with other blister packaging, the requirements of our company's professional customized medical device blister packaging are different. Mainly reflected in its uniqueness and protection. So, what are the characteristics of the first, second and third types of medical device blister packaging? Class I medical device: refers to a medical device with a low degree of risk and routine management, which can ensure its safety and effectiveness. (Such as masks, protective clothing, scraping boards, medical X-ray films, surgical gowns, surgical caps, examination gloves, gauze bandages, drainage bags, etc.) For the blister packaging of a class of medical devices, what we consider is its assembly. and convenience. Class II medical devices: refers to medical devices with moderate risks that require strict control and management to ensure their safety and effectiveness. (Such as medical suture needles, sphygmomanometers, infusion pumps, hemostats, staplers, thermometers, electrocardiographs, EEG machines, microscopes, acupuncture needles, biochemical analysis systems, hearing aids, ultrasonic disinfection equipment, non-absorbable sutures, etc. ) For the blister packaging of second-class medical devices, we have certain design and production experience in staplers and needle tubes, and the main consideration is protection and safety. Class III medical devices: refers to medical devices with high risks that require special measures to be strictly controlled and managed to ensure their safety and effectiveness. (such as artificial joints, implantable cardiac pacemakers, contact lenses, ultrasonic focusing knives, hemodialysis devices, implanted equipment, vascular stents, comprehensive anesthesia machines, dental implant materials, medical absorbable sutures, intravascular Catheters, etc.) For the three types of blister packaging for medical devices, we summarize its characteristics as paying attention to bacterial barrier properties and good sealing performance, which can maintain the protection and safety of medical devices. No matter what kind of medical device, as long as it needs to customize the medical device blister packaging, we will fully consider its own requirements, and design and develop a matching packaging solution. In this regard, we also have certain experience and strength: High efficiency Advanced production, advanced production technology, strong supply capacity, excellent quality assurance, and perfect after-sales service make our Suzhou Chuangjie Packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. your reliable partner. Sincerely hope to go hand in hand with you to create brilliant.

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The difficult requirements of customers are the propellers of our development!Welcome to negotiate!

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